Hey there fellow Rusher. Waazzaa guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. Fell free to visit my blog again anytime u guys are free xDD


Is it a dream or real ? O.o

Heyya Rushers! What's up? Me? Nothing here actually. Just update-ing my blog, facebook-ing, tweeting while hearing to Cover Girl. xD lol. btw, I think I'm dreaming today. But the fact is I'm not.  James Maslow posted on my timeline.! LIKE WHAT?!! Are you freaking serius?! I have to slap my face like more that 5 times. and ouch tht's hurt. Dont do it at home okay you guys. yeahh! If u guys dont believe me. see this okay. See2 I have proof that I was not lying. Okayyy. Thats all I think . Okayy. Story to you guys again later ^^
See ! I'm not lying ! ( Proof )


Epic is EPIC !

Heyya again ya all! Nothing much! wanna know something! The boys has a new song dudee! Their new song was entitled Epic! And yes, Epic is EPIC! I really LOVEE it! Okay. I think thats all from me. Nothing much to say actually. lol. btw, before you guys go, lets us hear the boys new song. Epic                        


Enjoyed it okayy ^^

New Facebook Cover !

Heyya Rusher! Waazzaa?! Me? Nothing here. Just update-ing! lol. okay. My facebook profile has change to a Timeline. And above the timeline there is a place where we can put a picture there. You guys wana know what. The pic is a pic of the 4 awesome, hot, smoking and perfect boys of Big Time Rush! Woot2! I'm the picture was Epic! trololo.

Nice hah? Haha. xD okay. thanks all. See ya guys later! xD


Elevate !

Big Time Rush at Bay Shore , NY

Hey ! Rusher Fariy here ! you know what?!
Elevate has come out! Woot2! Actually its had been out for a quite a while. xD LOL. BTW , me , rusher Fyfa and rusher Hanan ar dying to buy the Elevate album . we just want it for damn hard ! Just that , Elevate is not here yet ! pity for the Malaysian rushers . I been collecting some money to buy that album . I just hope that the album is not expensive . Let me tell you guys a lil bout Elevate. This album consist 13 song from our beloved Big Time Rush. And that awesome song are :
- Intermission
- All Over Again

- Love Me Love Me
- Show Me
- Time Of Out Life
- Music Sound Better With You

- Superstar
- You are Not Alone
- Paralyzed
- Blow your Speakers
- Invisible
- Cover Girl 
and the one and only Elevate
Even though I did not get the album, I already download their song to my MP3 and their song made me smile every time I have a frown on my face. They make my life shine even better, ^^

*here I insert some pic for you guys when the are at New York*

Kendall Schmidt
James Maslow
Carlos Pena Jr.
Logan Henderson
That all . Bye =)

p/s : They are my greatest crush ever ! xD

Power Of Us Rushers ^^

Hey there ! Fariy here ! What's u guys doin? Me , nothing. just .as u see the title , yeah ! the power of rushers is really strongg and nothing can seperated us ! since this school holl , i've been staying a lil late so , I've have made friend with some Rushers ! there are so awesome . I just hope that nothing can saperated me and the rushers

*some of my rushers friend :
http://twitter.com/#!/LovinMeSomeBTR = Chelsea
http://twitter.com/#!/BtrLover15 = Mariana
http://twitter.com/#!/LuvinKendallBTR = Kaye
http://twitter.com/#!/rachcutie14 = Rachelle
http://twitter.com/#!/UltimateSchmidt = Blanche
and one and only pen sister
http://twitter.com/#!/logan_fyfa = Afifah / Fyfa

if any of u rushers have an twitter acc , please follow them okayy  ^___^



Heyya Rushers ! Wazza ? Me ? Nothing much actually . u know what ! I'm just after watching Big Time Rush Live on Live Stream ! Damn I'm really damn happy ! Actually , I cant breath right now ! LOL jk !. Man ! Damn their awesome and I know one thing ! Kendall like watermelon ! LOL . Thats all ! =) Bye yaww !


New Blog !

Heyya guys ! This is my new blog I made up for Big Time Rush .. I try to update my blog from time to time for you guys ! okayy  ^^ =)