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Fariy's Bio ;D

Hey there dear readers! :D Welcome to my blog! This is the page where I tell you some details about me.

Hope BTR sees this! xD
       My full name is Fariha Adriana binti Fadzil but you guys can call me Fariy . I was born at the HTAR, Klang on October 14th 1998. I live at  Shah Alam, Selangor  I mean somewhere in Peninsular Malaysia. :D I'm schooling at the SMKS19. You guys can add me at Facebook account which is Fariha Adriana Fadzil  &  Fariha Adriana Fadzil II and follow my Twitter account --> ♔ƒαrιhα ƒαdzι∫ (MAF) ( Fariy_Schmidt ) . ugh guys.. Dont unfollow okay. Ask for follow backs. I only do follow backs Follow my other blog " ♛ Love Is All I Need ♚  " Ouh. and guys , please follow my "beautiful" Tumblr --> Music Sound Better With Big Time Rush . My life motto? Simple. Its the only life you got so you gotta live it BIG TIME . haha xD I'm the daughter of Fadzil Sidek and Eliza Ariff. I'm a big sister for Farah Afrina and Farha Alya. I'm also a life saver for the dude that is name "Muhammad Amirulfatih". xD I'm a Muslim for life. My role models are Kendall Schmidt , Logan Henderson , James Maslow Carlos Pena and ALL the production of Big Time Rush. One of my favorite quoets is "Stay in School, School is Cool" by my baby Kendall Schmidt :D My interested is towards  Allah , Big Time Rush. :D

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