Hey there fellow Rusher. Waazzaa guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. Fell free to visit my blog again anytime u guys are free xDD


Welcome back!

Heyyo guys! Wazzaa! Its been a LONG time since I updated this blog. I"m sorry. I've been a little bit busy with some exams and I dont have so many things to talk about BTR. So, I've been stop blogging here and start blogging at my other personal blog. I'll try to update my blog from time to time. okay guys! This is the only post for today! Byee :D Remember always. BTR ~


School sucks ! :\

Heyya Sweet Rushers :) Fariy here! Wazzaaa ?! Me? Nothing actually. just tweeting while updating my extraordinary blog! xD lol . btw, its gonna start school 2 days more. Ohh, SARAH! --' I have to say goodbye to my Facebook, Twitter and every thing tht have a connection with the internet. Oh Damn Sarah --' But the most saddest thing is I have to say goodbye to my Twitter and Facebook friend! Oh fucking smartass sarah! --' Really mom! a whole year without facebook and twitter? I will die you know that --' btw, nothing to tell actually. btw , if you rushers have and twitter acc please, please, please follow them

and my one and only #SweetRusherSister :

p/s : please follow them! They are really2 sweet


Is it a dream or real ? O.o

Heyya Rushers! What's up? Me? Nothing here actually. Just update-ing my blog, facebook-ing, tweeting while hearing to Cover Girl. xD lol. btw, I think I'm dreaming today. But the fact is I'm not.  James Maslow posted on my timeline.! LIKE WHAT?!! Are you freaking serius?! I have to slap my face like more that 5 times. and ouch tht's hurt. Dont do it at home okay you guys. yeahh! If u guys dont believe me. see this okay. See2 I have proof that I was not lying. Okayyy. Thats all I think . Okayy. Story to you guys again later ^^
See ! I'm not lying ! ( Proof )


Epic is EPIC !

Heyya again ya all! Nothing much! wanna know something! The boys has a new song dudee! Their new song was entitled Epic! And yes, Epic is EPIC! I really LOVEE it! Okay. I think thats all from me. Nothing much to say actually. lol. btw, before you guys go, lets us hear the boys new song. Epic                        


Enjoyed it okayy ^^

New Facebook Cover !

Heyya Rusher! Waazzaa?! Me? Nothing here. Just update-ing! lol. okay. My facebook profile has change to a Timeline. And above the timeline there is a place where we can put a picture there. You guys wana know what. The pic is a pic of the 4 awesome, hot, smoking and perfect boys of Big Time Rush! Woot2! I'm the picture was Epic! trololo.

Nice hah? Haha. xD okay. thanks all. See ya guys later! xD


Elevate !

Big Time Rush at Bay Shore , NY

Hey ! Rusher Fariy here ! you know what?!
Elevate has come out! Woot2! Actually its had been out for a quite a while. xD LOL. BTW , me , rusher Fyfa and rusher Hanan ar dying to buy the Elevate album . we just want it for damn hard ! Just that , Elevate is not here yet ! pity for the Malaysian rushers . I been collecting some money to buy that album . I just hope that the album is not expensive . Let me tell you guys a lil bout Elevate. This album consist 13 song from our beloved Big Time Rush. And that awesome song are :
- Intermission
- All Over Again

- Love Me Love Me
- Show Me
- Time Of Out Life
- Music Sound Better With You

- Superstar
- You are Not Alone
- Paralyzed
- Blow your Speakers
- Invisible
- Cover Girl 
and the one and only Elevate
Even though I did not get the album, I already download their song to my MP3 and their song made me smile every time I have a frown on my face. They make my life shine even better, ^^

*here I insert some pic for you guys when the are at New York*

Kendall Schmidt
James Maslow
Carlos Pena Jr.
Logan Henderson
That all . Bye =)

p/s : They are my greatest crush ever ! xD

Power Of Us Rushers ^^

Hey there ! Fariy here ! What's u guys doin? Me , nothing. just .as u see the title , yeah ! the power of rushers is really strongg and nothing can seperated us ! since this school holl , i've been staying a lil late so , I've have made friend with some Rushers ! there are so awesome . I just hope that nothing can saperated me and the rushers

*some of my rushers friend :
http://twitter.com/#!/LovinMeSomeBTR = Chelsea
http://twitter.com/#!/BtrLover15 = Mariana
http://twitter.com/#!/LuvinKendallBTR = Kaye
http://twitter.com/#!/rachcutie14 = Rachelle
http://twitter.com/#!/UltimateSchmidt = Blanche
and one and only pen sister
http://twitter.com/#!/logan_fyfa = Afifah / Fyfa

if any of u rushers have an twitter acc , please follow them okayy  ^___^



Heyya Rushers ! Wazza ? Me ? Nothing much actually . u know what ! I'm just after watching Big Time Rush Live on Live Stream ! Damn I'm really damn happy ! Actually , I cant breath right now ! LOL jk !. Man ! Damn their awesome and I know one thing ! Kendall like watermelon ! LOL . Thats all ! =) Bye yaww !


New Blog !

Heyya guys ! This is my new blog I made up for Big Time Rush .. I try to update my blog from time to time for you guys ! okayy  ^^ =)