Hey there fellow Rusher. Waazzaa guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. Fell free to visit my blog again anytime u guys are free xDD


Is it a dream or real ? O.o

Heyya Rushers! What's up? Me? Nothing here actually. Just update-ing my blog, facebook-ing, tweeting while hearing to Cover Girl. xD lol. btw, I think I'm dreaming today. But the fact is I'm not.  James Maslow posted on my timeline.! LIKE WHAT?!! Are you freaking serius?! I have to slap my face like more that 5 times. and ouch tht's hurt. Dont do it at home okay you guys. yeahh! If u guys dont believe me. see this okay. See2 I have proof that I was not lying. Okayyy. Thats all I think . Okayy. Story to you guys again later ^^
See ! I'm not lying ! ( Proof )

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