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Power Of Us Rushers ^^

Hey there ! Fariy here ! What's u guys doin? Me , nothing. just .as u see the title , yeah ! the power of rushers is really strongg and nothing can seperated us ! since this school holl , i've been staying a lil late so , I've have made friend with some Rushers ! there are so awesome . I just hope that nothing can saperated me and the rushers

*some of my rushers friend :
http://twitter.com/#!/LovinMeSomeBTR = Chelsea
http://twitter.com/#!/BtrLover15 = Mariana
http://twitter.com/#!/LuvinKendallBTR = Kaye
http://twitter.com/#!/rachcutie14 = Rachelle
http://twitter.com/#!/UltimateSchmidt = Blanche
and one and only pen sister
http://twitter.com/#!/logan_fyfa = Afifah / Fyfa

if any of u rushers have an twitter acc , please follow them okayy  ^___^

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